Таблет или телефон, Samsung GALAXY Tab Q не е същото

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Мобилен телефон and tablet what would you choose? Физическо терминал справедливо се проведе в Nanjing, today the first day of the calendar in a lot of new products. Samsung exhibition display of a smart phone, called the Tab Q it has a 7 инчов екран, Samsung GALAXY than we know Mega 6.3 little more on the big screen. Below for ZOL mobile phone business reporter filming the scene real machine ahead, you can feel this kind of big screen Android smartphone in advance.


The Samsung GALAXY Tab Q overall modelling style is the same with the GALAXY series of products, in the front is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, level of resolution of HD, camera ways it has 2 million like element + 8 милиона пиксела. Configuration of the machine with the Android 4.3 операционна система, but also is equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processors, with a 1.5 GB of RAM + 8 GB ROM memory combination, and the biggest can support 64 GB extension.


And the Samsung GALAXY Tab Q in terms of its network support CDMA and GSM, but also in the international roaming, can want to use standard, is a realization of three net cover product. It also have a 3200 ма battery, for it 7 inches big screen with this is a good supplement. As for the machine, for the moment, time to market and price is not clear, but now the Tab Q already available in South Korea, coming into the country should be it is not far from there.

Mobile phone is more and more bigger, you might choose to mobile phone or tablet?

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