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Knowing that HDD dragging Why don’t you happy with the SSD

Early installed users will consider the future upgrade issues, which is a major factor with a long computer will be significantly slower, we all know where the mischief is hard, but also helpless. The wide range of SSD popularity for some less demanding PC performance, but can not do without the user’s PC to see a ray of hope.

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Simple upgrade an SSD, to solve the problem for many years annoying Caton. Used people know this trick works, but never used the SSD who accounted for the majority, and conservative values, do not want to spend too much price to early adopters, some just to see evaluation data, that should not be so good performance, will use it on the line.

Before the massive popularity of SSD, PC in the bucket effect is HDD performance of the head, even a simple open browser, open My Computer have to wait a while. The reason is that the physical structure of the HDD decide what it wants to have to wait. The semiconductor structure is easy to solve SSD seek, criticized the slow response time, allowing simple operation usually more smoothly, waiting almost nonexistent.

SSD prices are now getting lower and lower, the actual purchase is quite mature, hard two days to earn entry to a SSD money, used to enhance the use of experience and efficiency is still very worthwhile. Here we list a few examples, to dispel the concerns of your mind to buy SSD.

1.The system installation and startup spike HDD

■ windows8.1 system installation time comparison

In the project testing, the author choose Windows8.1 64 as installation system, starting from the choice after the partition screen time, until into the desktop stop time, because there are a lot of subjective factors, the installation time only for reference, which shows that there is a gap between traditional hard drives and solid state drives (owing to the different platform, and provide the reference data only).



Kommentaarid: SSD appears to allow users to install windows frequency was significantly reduced, even if long-term use has accumulated a lot of junk files will not let the system was slow. It is also quite easy to install, compared to HDD elapsed time substantially reduced, but not enough, then see below.

■ Win8.1 system boot time

In practice, the boot time is a hot topic of concern to everyone. It has become one of the important parameters to consider when consumers buy SSD.



Kommentaarid: do not underestimate the speed that tens of seconds, many users are very care. Tegelikult, in the boot SSD’s advantages is not such a small software timing, but into the desktop can be operated at once, unlike the HDD as a reaction have to give it time.

2.Theory test more than doubled over HDD

■ strong theoretical performance measured higher performance

CrystalDiskMark is an easy-to-use hard disk performance test software, but the test project is very comprehensive, covering a continuous read and write, 512K and 4KB random read and write performance of data packets, and queue depth (Queue Depth) of 4K random performance under the circumstances 32 . Queue depth description of the hard disk can simultaneously activate a maximum IO value, the greater the queue depth, the actual performance will be higher.



Reviews: Performance between SSD and HDD hardly comparable, in theory test scores huge difference, but the actual file copy, values may all be reduced, but it can not change the fact that SSD faster than HDD.

3.Speed measurement software upgrade

■ Software PK: Photoshop start time

After analyzing the Win8.1 operating system boot time, we will look at startup time of the application. Here we calculate the time required to start Photoshop CC.

Kommentaarid: In this Photoshop CC software startup when used in, SSD in just more than two seconds to complete, HDD with a longer time, with more than 9 wonderful when a person has been able to reflect the sense of irritability waiting time.

■ PhotoShop image loading test

PhotoShop software is also a lot of families are more of a software application, following the author to load a single volume up to 345MB of JPG pictures, graphic design for high users, this volume of the files are very common.

Review: Comparison test loading a single picture hard disk read speed, SSD is 10.2 sekundit, HDD surface was 21.6, while the theory test performance SSD HDD stronger than a lot more, which is also reflected in the application. Imagine, if the regular load bulky picture, SSD’s efficiency is not a little thing.

4.Games load quicker big field

World of Warcraft: Delano Kinggame client load

World of Warcraft should be able to calculate the current load testing in comparison with a comparative study of the game, from character interface to the game screen appears no additional operations, but also to maximize the reduction in the likelihood of errors occur. Client capacity 25GB, loaded on the hard disk information extraction aspect is important visit.

Märge: The game screen is set to a resolution, highest quality, large-scale 3D games tutte article.

Kommentaarid: SSD Loading game in just seven seconds, HDD is 25 sekundit. WOW after 80 far-reaching impact, but now it has become the main force of the game after 90. Played WOW players know, though, it is a seamless map, but the time to enter the copy or transmission often need to switch scenes, and scene switching speed is only one aspect, in the same network state SSD Loading obviously much faster than HDD large copy of the Caton phenomenon also significantly reduced.

Full Summary: After a series of tests comparison, we can see that in addition to the inadequate capacity, SSD in all aspects of different degrees of advantage, simply put, see on:

  1. open system installation fast, so windows users can have the same pleasure OS X;
  2. literacy and fast response time, it does not have the physical characteristics seek trouble, suspended animation, significantly reducing Caton phenomenon;
  3. software application on the obvious advantages, from the start to load files are significantly beyond the HDD;
  4. better gaming experience, speed up the game loads, reduce Caton game complex environment, make the game more smoothly.

The above points are used SSD user empathy, tegelikult, compared to HDD SSD performance is not such a simple thing, most of the focus on practical experience, and it is precisely this part of the test software can not be expressed. Compared to HDD, SSD Some speed response operation is not counted a time can be resolved, so a large part of superiority needs to be experienced next, muidugi, for this will pay certain expenses.


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