Une fois que le roi de téléphone mobile -NOKIA

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Dans le téléphone mobile d'aujourd'hui est devenu si important dans la vie, personne ne l'aurait pensé, il y aura une journée, nous ne pouvons pas le faire sans le téléphone tout le temps, il était comme nous séparons la chair, has become an integral part of us.

Speaking of mobile phones, Nokia will have to mention it occupies an irreplaceable position other phones. This has swept the world, the king of the long-term monopoly of the mobile phone market since 1996, Nokia accounted for 14 consecutive years, the market share of the first, and introduced the Symbian and MeeGo smartphone, the achievements are known to everyone, “Nokia empire.” Dans 2003, Nokia 1100 has a total worldwide sales of 200 million units. Nokia’s phone shipments in 2009 to about 431.8 million, second quarter of 2010, Nokia’s share in the mobile device market is about 35.0%, ahead of other mobile phone market share was 20.6%.

toutefois, with the new operating system, the rise of smartphones, iOS and Android 2 large operating system successfully counter-attack, and gradually occupied the mobile phone market, Nokia’s position in the global mobile phone sales in the first quarter of 2011 was the second Apple and Samsung both beyond. While in February 2011, Nokia and Microsoft reached a global strategic alliance to jointly develop and depth of the Windows Phone operating system. At 23:00 on July 11th, 2013, avec 41 million pixels officially released the Nokia Lumia 1020 debut in New York, but still did not change the dynamic mobile phone market, you want to re-occupation of the mobile phone market dreams shattered. avril 25, 2014, Nokia announced the completion of the transaction with Microsoft’s mobile phone business, formally withdraw from the mobile phone market, mobile phones have also declared a dynasty from officially ended.

Although Nokia Dynasty has in the past, Nokia mobile phone is not the mainstream, but there are still many loyal fans Nokia mobile phone. As amember of the faithful lovers, the mall has also carried on the priceadjustment to the Nokia mobile phone, such as Windows phone 8 NOKIA Lumia 1520 lumia 1020 925 Lumia 720, Symbian system of N series such as Nokia N97, N86,N78, and Golden Nokia style 5230 5310 5800. You are a true lover of Nokia mobile phone? You want to buy Nokia mobile phone? Have you likeNokia mobile phone? The opportunity at present, come and have a look.

Nokia 1100


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