Super deals!The new Samsung LIF SSD is on sale


Price is an eternal topic, especially in the SSD market. all kinds of offers and promotions are provide to customers. But mostly people have no idea how to choose it,because they are lack of professional knowledge about SSD. Today I will introduce a high quality SSD with competitive price for you.


The new Samsung 1.8solid state drive, model MZRPC128HBCD-000SO with LIF interface, maximum speed can up to 890m / s, with two 256M master chip cache and two hard drives. Leis an fhìrinn innse, the group has an internal hard disk array RAID 0. that is 128G = 64G X 2 pros and cons of each panel a ssd two 64G SSD integrated in a circuit board, and the interface is only one ,so faster than the market rate of many ordinary ssd , is apply to the Sony Z21. Z22.Z23 original series and S series laptop. Now the promotional price of 128GB only 95usd, and The MMDPE56GQDXP-MVB 256GB is 225usd.Don’t miss it!



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