As empresas super! O novo Samsung LIF SSD está á venda


Prezo é un tema eterno, especially in the SSD market. todo tipo de ofertas e promocións son facilitar aos clientes. Pero na maior parte da xente non ten idea de como escolle-lo,because they are lack of professional knowledge about SSD. Today I will introduce a high quality SSD with competitive price for you.


The new Samsung 1.8solid state drive, model MZRPC128HBCD-000SO with LIF interface, maximum speed can up to 890m / s, with two 256M master chip cache and two hard drives. Centrais, the group has an internal hard disk array RAID 0. that is 128G = 64G X 2 pros and cons of each panel a ssd two 64G SSD integrated in a circuit board, and the interface is only one ,so faster than the market rate of many ordinary ssd , is apply to the Sony Z21. Z22.Z23 original series and S series laptop. Now the promotional price of 128GB only 95usd, and The MMDPE56GQDXP-MVB 256GB is 225usd.Don’t miss it!



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