Original Nokia series X 2.0 system

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Nokia launched yesterday Nokia X2, which is also run Android version system, but the system platform upgraded to 2.0.

Nokia X2 new to join a Home button, with 2.0 system, users can quickly return to the desktop. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, 2.0 system improved the overall performance of the system, at the same time, optimization notification centre and control panel interface details, provide new camera UI. Nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd, long press the return key, the system will pop up as much as Windows Phone 8.1 task list.Tips to Choose the Best NOKIA Case .

But unfortunately, the original Nokia X series – Nokia, Nokia + X and X Nokia XLboth out with 2.0 system. Microsoft’s explanation is that thebecause of the necessary hardware upgrades involved, Nokia does not support Nokia, Nokia X X X 2.0 system + and Nokia XL”, but they promise original Nokia X series will still get regular system updates.



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