The first android mobile phone in the word- HTC Dream G1

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HTC Dream G1 is a ekwentị which made by the carrier t-mobile USA custom, produces by HTC (HTC) OEM factory. And it is the first in the world using Google Android operating system commercial Mobile phone products.

HTC Dream the G1 has a variety of features including support for 3 g network, touch screens, convenient qwerty keyboard input mode, close network applications, seamless bundle Google services, strong expansibility and so on.

HTC Dream the G1 groundbreaking Google Android operating system platform is Symbian, Windows Mobile, apple the greatest enemy of the operating system, such as its openness, cheap and popular, are almost more than any time any of the Mobile phone operating system.G1: contains rich software includes chat software, MSN, AIM, yahoo messenger), email clients to send and receive E-mail, Gmail, Youtube video broadcast, ChromeLite browser, Google maps, music players, Youtube video play online client.

Site OS-ụlọ ahịa.

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