2013 Holiday Gift Guide:Top 10 Smartphones

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Here has the top 10 smartphones, looking for the perfect the gift?

Top 1: Apple iphone 5s

The iPhone 5s may look a lot like its predecessor. But with a faster new processor, a fingerprint sensor, and an improved camera flash, it’s a serious upgrade.

Top 2: Google Nexus 5

Running the latest version of Android, the Nexus 5 really shows off the best aspects of Google’s mobile OS.

Top 3: HTC ONE

With its stellar design, great camera, and hardy processor, the HTC One is the phone to beat.

Top 4: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Top 5: Apple iphone 5c

Top 6: Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 7: LG Eletronics Optimus G Pro

Top 8: Motorola

Top 9: Nokia Lumia 1020

Top 10: Samsung Galaxy Note II(T-Mobile)

Which one would you prefer?

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