Неге сымсыз немесе Bluetooth қосылу Жоғары жылдамдықты класс пайдалануға алмай жүргеніне??


Many people bought a new item, but it can`t support connect in top speed or class. include laptop, ұялы телефон, планшет, AP Router and anyone with wireless. Researching how to use via so much time, finally angry and report.

Шынында, it is a common sense as below:

  • The device or Module is automatic match Wireless and Bluetooth speed Class.
  • In other words, real speed or class is depend on device of transfer and receiver at the same level.
  • If wireless need reach to 300Mpbs, and must be AP Router support 802.11n.
  • If BlueTooth need reach to 4.0 type, and must be external device support 4.0.
  • Wireless max transfer is 1000Mbps 802.11 AC from intel wireless card. (2014)
  • Bluetooth top class is 4.1 version (2014)

Now you maybe connect wireless to top class.

More wireless and bluetooth info, please visit here.


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