IBM ThinkPad X60 laptop super battery

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To compete against the likes of the MacBook Air and the Samsung катар 9 laptops, Lenovo 3000 G410 Battery forthcoming ultraportable needs to do something a little different. According to a leaked PDF, that difference appears to be a new battery tech called RapidCharge.

Compared to previous IBM ThinkPad X60 Battery, Lenovo claims that the X1’s RapidCharge version will last three times as long. Кошумча, the battery will charge to 80 percent capacity in a mere 30 мүнөт (working out to charging 2.5 times as quickly as older ThinkPad batteries). The bad news is that the X1’s battery will be sealed, meaning you won’t be able to replace the battery yourself.ThinkPad X60 super battery 2


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