Xiaomi ການດໍາເນີນງານໃຫມ່, Xiaomi 3 s / 4 ອາດຈະປ່ອຍກ່ອນກ່ອນເວລາຂອງທີ່ໃຊ້ເວລາ


ປີ​ນີ້, ອີງຕາມການຂ່າວຫລ້າສຸດ, Xiaomi could release their new in July. ຂໍ້ຄວາມນີ້ໂດຍຕົວເລກທີ່ມີຊື່ສຽງປ່ອຍອອກມາເມື່ອໃນ weibo, ອີງຕາມການສະແດງອອກສ່ວນບຸກຄົນຂອງຕົນ, ເຂົາມີການສື່ສານເປັນ, and vice President of Xiaomi Li Wanjiang learned thatXiaomi July is wonderful.But in weibo, it did not disclose the specific reasons about this conclusion.


And according to the previous message, we have found three new Xiaomi in the national quality authentication center, model respectively for the “2014501”, “2014215”, “2014022”, ໄດ້ “2014501” ແລະ “2014022” to support the td-scdma LTE, is two mobile phone 4 g. And combined with previous rumours, red rice Note 4 g version and 4 meters are 4 g phone, m 3 s as the 3 g ໂທລະ​ສັບ​ມື​ຖື, just corresponding to the three new handsets.Because of Xiaomi, ແນ່​ນອນ, now have many new products did not send, so despite Julywonderfulcannot c that three versions will appear. At present is the most likely outcome in the coming July, 3 s and Note 4 g version first, then Xiaomi is September 4. ແນ່​ນອນ, if the product really focus on July 3, that would be wonderful. ອຸປະກອນ, Xiaomi mobile phones 3 s will be millet 2 s updated version, it does not support 4 g network, equipped with quad core 2.5 GHz MSM8x74AC processor, built-in 3 gb of ram and 16 gb fuselage storage space. While Xiaomi mobile phone 4 ຈະ​ເປັນ.

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