How to install the Bluetooth Wifi Adapter in Windows



Laptops haven’t always come to Bluetooth-ready. Computers without built-in Bluetooth capabilities interact with Bluetooth wireless devices with the help of a small receiver that plugs into a USB port on the computer.


Automatic installation >>>

The drivers for the USB Bluetooth adapter are prompted for install during the installation. If you do not see the prompt and you are installing for the first time, please ensure any firewall or antivirus applications are disabled and not interfering or blocking the installation. You may enable the firewall or antivirus application again once it has been installed.


Manual Installation >>>

1. Open Device Manager by searching for “диспетчер чоҥалтмыже” in the start menu or start screen.



2. Locate the USB device in the Device Manager list (typically under Other Devices section).
Note: The name of the device and category as shown below may vary.

Locate the USB device_23


3. Right click on the device and click Update Driver Software
4. In the Update Driver Software, wizard click Browse my computer for driver software.



5. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
6. Select Show All Devices and click Next. Click on the Have Diskbutton.



7. Click Browse and navigate to the driver’s folder in the installation directory. By default, the location is: “C:\Program Files (x86)…
8. You may receive an Update Driver Warning dialog stating that manually applying a driver may cause the device to stop functioning. Click Yes to continue.


Update Driver Warning_22


9. The wizard will apply the new drivers and report success. Click Close to complete the wizard.


Bluetooth driver windows XP >>>

1.Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the computer’s USB port
2. The Driver Installation Wizard appears. Follow the steps below. Browse and choose the directory where the driver is located.


Bluetooth driver windows 8 >>>

1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the computer’s USB port
2. Install a driver in the system

2.1 The system will install a driver until the driver installation is successful
Click Start -> Computer Settings -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers. See the icon below, which means it has succeeded.

2.2 If the driver fails to install automatically
Click Start -> Computer Settings -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers and see the icon below
Double click on the unknown device, select: Hardware, click: Properties
Select: Водитель, click: Update Driver
Select: Browse your computer for a driver software
Browse, select the folder where the driver is located, and click: Умбакыже


Completed the installation ‘Finish’ >>>

Click theFinishbutton when the installation has completed. Restart the computer if prompted. A Bluetooth icon appears in the notification area of the desktop located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Bluetooth connectivity is now enabled on your laptop.

Right-click theBluetoothicon and select the option to pair with another Bluetooth-enabled device, explore the available Bluetooth connections, configure the adapter or stop the Bluetooth device.


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