Сиера AirPrime ЕМ MC мобилните широкопојасни Светлосни Connection Manager

Sierra Broadband module Connect to internet ~

To connect AirPrime EM/MC Series modules to your PC running Windows, ви треба да инсталирате менаџер врска. Please install USB drivers as mentioned in the related items.


Purpose ~

Sierra WWAN Wireless WiFi Software is recommended for end-customers, вклучувајќи домашни корисници и деловни корисници кои не треба напредни алатки за ИТ администратор.


Important ~

  • Support Sierra EM ME device module
    (Not sure support to other brand)
  • installed drive
    (Search in OS-STORE Blog)
  • Sim card support internet service (Mobile Broadband)
    (Inquiry operator in your country)
  • Compatible Operate System: Windows OS


Skylight Application Превземи (лозинка : Кликни тука)


Processing Status ~

No device


Connect to service

Airplane mode


Send SMS Message


SMS Message Window


More Mobile Broadband info, Кликни тука ~

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