How do Install and Working the Wireless Adapter in Windows


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I thought you met some questions that cause the network adapter driver to stop work. Follow these steps can resolve the wireless adapter devices missing or outdated issues. Make sure that you have installed the Wireless Adapter correctly.

Kev xaiv 1 — Automatically (Recommended) —Windows 7, Vista and XP can provide updates and drivers to currently installed or new adapters using Windows Update. As soon as the device is plugged in or recently installed, Windows will attempt to connect to the Internet and download the drivers automatically.

Option 2— Manually — You’ll need some computer skills and patience to install your WiFi adapter driver this way because you need to find the exactly right driver online, download it and install it step by step.

Install the driver Automatically>>>

After inserting your adapter to your computer, download the correct driver for the adapter that you want to install.

Installing the driver after a pop-up appears



Kauj ruam 1: Once the network adapter is plugged in, a Found New Hardware window will pop-up. Click on Locate and install driver software (recommended)

Kauj ruam 2: The next instruction you will see is to insert the disc that came with your wireless network adapter. Click on I don’t have the disc. Show me other options.

Kauj ruam 3: Click Browse my computer for driver software (advanced).

Kauj ruam 4: Click the Browsebutton. Locate the folder of your driver. In this example, VISTAX86 is selected for the Linksys WUSB54G.

Kauj ruam 5: Click Next. Wait for the computer to install the driver software.





Driver Installation through the Device Manager for Windows >>>

Kauj ruam 1: In the Start menu, right-click on Computer to select Manage.
Kauj ruam 2: On the left, select Device Manager to bring it up on the right.
Ceeb toom: If the Driver software has not installed correctly, the partially installed adapter will come up in the Other devices group. Just as it is shown in the previous image.



Kauj ruam 3: Right click on the unknown adapter to Update Driver Software.
Kauj ruam 4: Click to Search automatically for updated driver software.
Ceeb toom: If Windows was unable to install your Adapter, Qhov rais may not be set to install automatically.

Kauj ruam 5: Make sure the proper settings are selected by arriving at them with the followings routes:

Windows 7/Vista: Click on Start > Right click Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Hardware tab > Device Installation Settings



Qhov rai XP: Click on Start > Right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Windows Update



Kauj ruam 6: Click on Save Settings or OK to apply the change.

Confirmation of a successful Driver installation is achieved when the model of your adapter is label and listed in the Network adapters group of the Device Manager.

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