Intel Mobile CPU-6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processors

ਨਾਲ ਸ਼ੇਅਰ ਕਰੋ:

Product NameਸਥਿਤੀLaunch Date# of CoresTDPProcessor Graphics
Intel® Core™ i3-6100U Processor
(3M Cache, 2.30 GHz)
LaunchedQ3’15215 WIntel® HD Graphics 520
CIntel® Core™ i3-6100H Processor
(3M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
LaunchedQ3’15235 WIntel® HD Graphics 530
Intel® Core™ i3-6167U Processor
(3M Cache, 2.70 GHz)
AnnouncedQ3’15228 W

A Conflict-Free Choice

Intel® processors are at the heart of many mineral~dependent products. We believe we can make a difference, together with our partners, by working to eliminate conflict minerals that fund violence from our supply chain.Where can I find the most complete recipe intel type and model -os-store.


ਕੇ OS-ਸਟੋਰ.

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