Você está no controle de seu telefone? Ou você é um ‘nomofobia’?

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It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was going to meet my niece. Yeah, she is less than one year old, my older brother’s daughter. When I was on the bus, the way to my brother’s house, I found that forgot to carry my telefone. At that moment, had been a little edgy. I was afraid that could not contact my brother. But the most important thing that I was so boring on the bus, cause it needs about 1 hora. But finally I still met my niece.

Sometimes my phone is nearly out of battery, I will also feel anxious. For all these, I’m sure not alone without mobile phone in feeling anxious.

That’s according to a study showed that we check our mobile phones 34 times a day, that women are more ‘nomophobicthan men, and that 18-24 year-olds are the most likely to suffer fear of being without their mobiles: 77% of them say they are unable to be apart from their phones for more than a few minutes.

Você está no controle de seu telefone, or does your phone control you?

Do not be anxious when the mobile phone is not with you.


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