OSGEAR DW2030BT Desktop PCIe Wireless Bluetooth Card Adapter Driver Software for Windows XP 7 8 10

OSGEAR Driver Software support

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OSGEAR Desktop Wireless series driver supportDW2030BT

802.11a/b/g/n 300Mbps ,802.11ac 1733Mbps Enhanced 2030Mbps Wireless data transmission Rate,wide range and ultra speed.

Bluetooth 5.0 enables your non-bluetooth PC to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth devices(such as smart phone, ipad, tablet, speaker, headset, keyboard, mouse, printer, projector,tahi atu a.) for data transfer,edit or print.

The wireless adapter fitting with any standard PCI-Express slot, x1, x4, x8, or x16. Compared with other network cards, it offers increase bandwidth.

Ua titauhia te mau hoani. Includes download options for driver-only and driver-with RealTek / Qualcomm software.


Model Apply : DW2030BT


Opuaraa :

OSGEAR Wireless WiFi Software is recommended for end-customers, e tae noatu i te fare e taata e te ohipa mau hoani o te ore e tia ia rave i te reira faatere mau mauhaa.


Nahea ia haamau:

  • Faauta uira mai te putuite i te hoe pue parau i nia i ta outou PC. Double click on the file to launch installation.
  • Or Searing by device manager.
  • More technology browser technology support


Ohipa mau: (Tao huna : OS i te fare toa)

  • Mau haamaramarama 98 / 2000 (Aita e patururaa faahou)
  • Windows XP (Aita e patururaa faahou)
  • Windows Vista (Aita e patururaa faahou)
  • Mau haamaramarama 7 32-rii : Dowload
    Mau haamaramarama 7 64-rii : Dowload
  • Mau haamaramarama 8 32-rii : Dowload
    Mau haamaramarama 8 64-rii : Dowload
  • Mau haamaramarama 10 32-rii : Dowload
    Mau haamaramarama 10 64-rii : Dowload
  • BlueTooth no te faahoro i te pereoo a pata i onei


More Wireless information browser here.DW2030BT Wireless PCIE Card-Main-intel


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