The Seven Types of Interface Wireless Cards

The wireless card is a wireless terminal device used for surfing the Internet through a wireless connection network under the wire-less coverage of a wireless local area network. That is, a wireless card is a device that can connect to the Internet without connecting a network cable.


The Factors to be Considered in Buying Wireless Cards >>>

With the widespread use of wireless cards, we should take something into account when we buying it. We can consider from the following points.
1. The type of computer
2. The wireless card’s location
3. The signal strength
4. The price
wireless card

Four Types of Wireless Cards >>>

According to different interface types, we can divide wireless cards into the following seven types.

1. USB wireless card

Now USB wireless card is the most common one. This kind of wireless card can be used by desktop users or notebook users as long as drivers are installed. The USB interface wireless card can be used for both notebook computers and desktop computers. It is convenient to carry and flexible to use. But its signal is the worst.


2. PCI interface wireless card

PCI interface wireless card is a special network card for desktop computers. The PCI interface wireless card has an external antenna, and the signal is stronger than other wireless cards. And its heat dissipation is good, so it has better stability.

wireless card

3. MINI-PCI wireless card

MINI-PCI is a built-in wireless network card. Its advantages are no need to occupy PC card or USB slot.


4. PCI-E wireless card

PCI-E connection is based on a bidirectional serial (1-rii) point-to-point connection. Its main advantages is its high data transmission rate.


5.MINI PCI-E interface wireless card

MINI PCI-E is an interface based on PCI-E bus. Its data transmission rate has increased to a very high frequency, reaching a high bandwidth that PCI cannot provide.

wireless card

6. NGFF interface wireless card

NGFF interface wireless network card is specially designed for ultra-small size.

7. PCMCIA interface wireless card

PCMCIA interface wireless card is a special network card for notebook computers. PCMCIA buses are divided into two types, one is 16-bit PCMCIA and the other is 32-bit CardBus. It has the characteristics of easy installation and light volume. Its stability is second only to PCI interface wireless card.wireless card

Now wireless technology has brought us infinite convenience. If you are interested in wireless cards, please click the link below.

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