Clear record of the world—Kodak C195

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Kodak camera, as a memory of an era, once let us recorded a lot of precious image, also recorded the memorable moments for us. Although it is now gradually decline, we have to admit that the color expressive force of kodak camera is great. Both pictures and video recorded by Kodak camera is distinct, so you can keep those wonderful memories.

The kodak C195 is a good model of the kodak camera, the maximum pixels of it is 14.5 million, It can proceed 5 x optical zoom, and the maximum resolution of it is 4440 x 3274. Therefore, with the Kodak C195, you can photograph the view in the distance clearly, and won’t worried that the picture you photoed was fuzzied. Ba'ax ’ Guatemala mina'an u yotocho'ob asab, the Kodak c195 is small and beautiful, and there are several different colors for you to choose, it is your home travel necessary good camera. Bejla'e', the kodak C195 in os-store get price updated, acting on your dream.

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