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Socket AM3, which is a CPU interface specification. All AMD 45nm desktop processors feature a new Socket-AM3 socket, which has 938 needles physical pins. Socket AM3 + (also known as Socket AM3b) is introduced AMD CPU socket, was released in 2011, replacing the previous generation, and supports the next-generation AMD Socket AM3 32nm AMD FX series processors (code-namedZambezi”).

AM3 + support HyperTransport 3.1, seal on 942 motherboard socket interface, only one more than the Socket AM3 interface, the interface is consistent with this platoon Burkina Socket AM3. The CPU has 938 pins. AM3 + / AM3 CPU built-in memory controller can support DDR3, the difference is only the highest AM3 support to DDR3-1600, AM3 + will advance to DDR3-2133 [1]; and the use of AM3 + CPU has AMD FX series, using the AM3 CPU there Phenom II, Athlon II and Sempron series. Lisaks, AM3 + power better than AM3.

Socket AM3 + can be compatible with Socket AM3, AM3 CPU can operate on AM3 + emaplaadi, but AM3 + CPU can only operate (generally need to refresh BIOS) on some AM3 motherboard, but the power supply may lead to lack of efficacy is limited. Old motherboard can be upgraded to support bulldozer, different motherboard manufacturers have their own plan, it is understood that only a small part of the Socket AM3 motherboard BIOS can support more Socket AM3 +.

In order to distinguish more intuitive AM3 + and AM3, AMD AM3 + socket unity will make black, different from the common white AM3.

So AM3 + and AM3 What is the difference?
1. motherboard processor socket differences
The new version of AM3 + processor socket holes increases than 0.06mm AM3 the holes, increasing 11 percent vacancy can effectively avoid get bent position when the processor installation issues.
2. Improve the connection speed of the CPU and voltage management module
The new connection bandwidth reaches 3.4MHz, while AM3 work only 400KHz, greater transmission speed can ensure higher CPU load conversion speed. Improve the power conversion efficiency of the CPU.
3. Power load efficiency increase
9 series chipset to support the new energy-saving technology, which optimizes load management chip, can improve energy efficiency. AMD will embed this functionality in the new 900 series chipsets, it can not be used when the CPU, power supply shut down part of the original, can save 11.8% of the electricity.
4.The improved quality of power supply
Users especially like overclocking overclocking know the impact on the CPU voltage is very large, more stable motherboard voltage, the higher the frequency that can be achieved. In the new AM3 + motherboard can provide a more stable voltage fluctuations, voltage fluctuations reduced by 22%, enabling the system to run more stable, if the new CPU can get better overclocking capability, we please look forward to it.
5. supply current up to 145A
The maximum relative AM3 110A maximum supply capacity, AM3 + provides up to 145A power supply is able to effectively meet the power needs of up to 8-core CPU.
6.CPU improved fixation
Traditional AMD CPU bracket has been in use for a long time, used the AMD motherboard user knows, this design for CPU cooling duct is very negative, wraparound structure makes it part of the heat has been deposited in the vicinity of the base, especially in the use of under-pressure when the cooling mode, the new CCR structural support can effectively avoid the accumulation of heat in the vicinity of the base, compared to surround structure, temperature can be reduced 5.4 kraadi Celsiuse järgi.

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