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4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone6 iPhone6 Plus, as rumored, Apple six generations using a large screen. It seems large-screen phone, the trend ah! But the screen is increased, it means that it is subject to accidental impact, the greater the possibility of broken burst. Holding iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus, how can we not live in fear, a casual moment, could bring not only broken, but is heartbreaking. Here is a living example of it!

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No release iPhone6 mainland starting each episode to cattle prevailed, like queuing to buy a iPhone6 difficult. Buta Japanese users post, he said that he came in one night the team, and finally in the morning to buy iPhone 6; may be too excited, playing a couple on off the ground, broken screen, the original film have not torn. It said he was the first Japanese man broke iPhone 6. Uh ~ This should be the world’s first ah ……



It Barbara Queer ah, accidentally became the world’s first iPhone 6 people broke. The so-called good horse with a good saddle, so when good film with a good phone. OS ® anti-ray film is first tempered glass is a film, but also the anti-ray film, which in addition has a barrier blue, eye protection features, Әрине, can be very good to prevent the screen broken, hit by the accident is broken glass Foil, called the patron saint of mobile phone screen!
iPhone6 ​​glass film is not necessary to match? Fruit powder after waiting so long, so much speculation, have demonstrated to iPhone6 ​​full of curiosity, full of love! Do not you want your phone from accidental damage it? Do not you want to know iPhone6 ​​paste glass film feel how like? Do you like your phone? Like I should give him the best. Paste glass film, let the phone with foil embrace passion, exquisite picture welling, craftsmanship, exquisite arc, perfect to protect your love machine.
OS ® professional high quality steel anti-ray film, mobile phone protection film leading brands, superior protection, refuse broken screen, let you enjoy music anytime, anywhere mobile life experience.
Small film, World! OS ® protective film effort to buildthe United States into a good film,” hot debut, welcomed like a friend concerned about mobile phone film! If our products for your taste, be sure to share with your friends, let us live it found itself in a better product, feel good film of crazy OS ®. Good film, in OS-STORE! We will always provide the most professional Haotie practical phone screen protective film.


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