The advantage point in LED Light

The advantage point in LED Light

Electricity costs have doubled for businesses over the last decade, says energy saving body the Carbon Trust, pushing sustainability issues to the top of the agenda. For the first use in business energy is light.

People have a short history in use lighting. In long long time, people live without light at night. After all, the word came out fire. Hence, people can see things in the dark. And then, cancels make fire stand a little long time in night and more safety. The biggest change is in Second Industrial Revolution Edison invented the electric light. However, it is the beginning of human using light. Time till nowadays, light is big energy expenditure. And we, human do another change in light. It is LED light.

1. Energy saving: High luminous efficiency and energy saving up to 60-80%.
2. Longevity: LED theory life can be more than 100000 hours, for ordinary household lighting is “once and for all.”
3. Can work at high speed, energy-saving lamps, if frequent damage of black start or shut off the filament will soon, but tube lamp will not. It cans replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture.
4. Cold light, tube light LED illuminant belongs to cold light source type. Solid-state encapsulation, so it’s easy to transport and install, can be in any tiny and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, the main consideration is the heat dissipation problem of lamps and lanterns.
5.Environmental protection: Environment-friendly and no UV or IR radiation.
6.Good color rendering, light closer to white light than traditional lamps and lanterns, under this kind of light, people can more accurately identify the object true color.
7. The corresponding speed: LED the response speed, a push to open, eliminate the traditional high pressure sodium lamp glow process long shortcomings.

In one word, LED light is more and more nearly in our daily life. It is including LED tube, let down light, led garden light, etc. We already arrived into new word of use light.

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