Depth look at the small details of how to distinguish between a variety of SSD products

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The SSD is faster than HDDS have many players understand the situation, but now the market SSD has many kinds of SSD, price difference is bigger also, so we can take a look at some simple distinguish SSD today classification method, let us more clearly where the price difference.

Depth look at the small details of how to distinguish between a variety of SSD products?

  • Distinction from the P / E

Have to say, SSD is not mechanical theory work as hard, as is the use of the flash, I believe we all know to read and write will have a number of restrictions, SLC early with super endurance, to today’s MLC after P / E endurance fell an average of only 3,000 taimi. P / E number is certainly higher the better, because it is related to the key you how much data can be written.

Optional Tip: choose a higher P / E value of SSD, such as Intel 520 series, with a flash of up to 5000 times P / E values, stability and more reliable.

  • Distinction from the master

Master also has articles usually write amplification master theoretical limit can only do 1: 1, but the market we can find a vendor master SSD write amplification can be done in less than one, this is the use of exclusive compression algorithm SandForce controller, SandForce enterprise-class master in the past is to do the master, its compression algorithm is not difficult to see from the enterprise level abovelegacybehind. The compression algorithm can compress the data, daily users probably write amplification can pull 0.5 times more flash life doubled.
Optional secret: the mainstream market, consumer products using the SandForce controller of SSD, with a master SandForce SSD prices are also more suitable for entry-level users to choose, we also speak the following simple chat particles Seagate.


  • Distinguish from flash process

Have to look at the situation now flash from 19nm situation began to spread, the older generation of 25NM, 24NM will be less and less, but unfortunately, the process advanced flash would bring lower costs, but significant P / E value, the performance will be worse than the previous generation, and now the market has replaced many of SSD flash 19NM. Only a few remaining old process using a flash SSD.
Optional tips: for example the new firm GALAXY Laser GT series has been adopted 25NM Intel particles, performance and life of flash memory SSD more than 19NM outstanding, while the current price we have witnessed, ideal for entry-level users to buy.

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