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The difference in TF card and SD card & how to change TF card to SD card

We are hard to avoid use TF and SD card when using electronic . Do you know the difference in those cards & how to change it? Today, I make up the answer one by one to you.


also know as Micro SD card and Mini SD card two different types. There are different in size and contactor port. SD card is short name for Secure Digital .


SD card is widely used on the portable device, such as digital cameras, personal digital assistant () and multimedia player, etc.


TF card main in use, but because it has the of small volume, along with the growing capacity, it slowly started in the GPS , portable music players and some plate using .


TF card is smaller than SD card. Generally you can add an adaptor change TF card to SD card.


Is there any influence when TF card changed into SD card? The answer is no. It is not any influence in the speed and it is very easy to change it—- add a cutting ferrule.


Now, we are introducing several TF card to SD card cutting ferrule.

1)       TF Card to SD Card

2)       TF Micro SD to MS Pro Duo Adapter

3)       Dual TF Micro SD to MS Pro Duo Adapter

4)       Dual TF to Mini PCIe

TF card to SD card