Original Nokia series X 2.0 system


Nokia launched yesterday Nokia X2, which is also run Android version system, but the system platform upgraded to 2.0.

Nokia X2 new to join a Home button, ກັບ 2.0 system, users can quickly return to the desktop. ເພີ່ມ​ເຕີມ, 2.0 system improved the overall performance of the system, at the same time, optimization notification centre and control panel interface details, provide new camera UI. ເພີ່ມ​ເຕີມ, long press the return key, the system will pop up as much as Windows Phone 8.1 task list.Tips to Choose the Best NOKIA Case .

But unfortunately, the original Nokia X series – Nokia, Nokia + X and X Nokia XLboth out with 2.0 system. Microsoft’s explanation is that thebecause of the necessary hardware upgrades involved, Nokia does not support Nokia, Nokia X X X 2.0 system + and Nokia XL”, but they promise original Nokia X series will still get regular system updates.


ຈາກ OS ຮ້ານ,



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