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USB wireless network card with built-in wireless WIFI chip and transmission via USB interface, connected to the computer USB interface, after the driver is installed, a new wireless network card device will appear in the computer network card list. Internet access via USB wireless network card.

Specifications of wireless network card ~

There are many specifications of wireless network cards, which can be divided into the following types according to the supported WiFi protocol: 150M single frequency, 300M single frequency, 450M single frequency; AC600M dual frequency, AC1200M dual frequency, AC1300M dual frequency, AC3200M dual frequency, AX3000 dual frequency. One thing to note: The wireless network card is a passive device. The dual-band network card supports 2.4G and 5G, but only one frequency band can work at the same time. This is different from a dual-band router.

How to use wireless network card ~

We all know that there are WEP and WPA encryption for common wireless network encryption. In fact, wireless networks have other different restrictions, such as binding IP, MAC filtering, and turning off DHCP. If the connected network has such restrictions, then even The other party is not encrypted, and the Internet cannot be connected.

How to solve the wireless network card ~

Summarize some coups in this regard as follows:

1. Whether the network card is inserted in place

2.Whether the USB port is enabled

3.Check whether the connection between the wireless workstation and the wireless access point in the LAN is established successfully


Additional features of wireless network card ~

SoftAP function: softAP function, also called analog AP function, means that the wireless network card can be used as an AP hotspot. It is mainly used in the following scenarios: the computer is connected to the Internet through a network cable, there is no WiFi network at home, and the mobile phone needs to go online. You can use the softAP of the wireless network card to establish a WiFi hotspot for mobile phones. To enable softAP, you need to use the client tool provided by the wireless network card manufacturer.

Bluetooth function: Bluetooth also works at 2.4G frequency, and 2.4G of wireless network card also works at the same frequency. Therefore, some wireless network cards are compatible with Bluetooth functions. But note that the Bluetooth function requires the installation of a special Bluetooth driver support.

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